Friday, May 30, 2008

BP takes the lead.

Today I got out and did a little smallmouth fishing from shore at Mille Lacs. While I didn't get into any giants, my big fish was 17.5" so I have a third fish.

17.50"= 3.30lbs Smallmouth
17.25"= 3.15lbs
18.75"= 4.05lbs
Total= 10.50lbs

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hellabass enters the fray!!!

I don't know if they are the fish in the pics or not, but he has

3/13oz= 3.81
Total= 8.25lbs

Duffman on the Board

He got an 18" for 3.60lbs

BP scores again.

I landed a 18.75 on Platte today on a purple Frenzy Popper. I also had one that was just short of 17" come in on the "lost jig."

17.25"= 3.15lbs
18.75"= 4.05lbs
Total 7.20lbs

Monday, May 26, 2008

BP on the board!!!

OK so it just squeaks in at 17.25, but it's a start. I caught her on a Bullfrog Berkley Frenzy Pop 5-26-08 on Rock Lake

Cyberfish takes the lead!!!

2 Largemouth for 8.90lbs. Hopefully there will be some pics on his blog when he gets around to doing his report.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Who is going to be the first to register a fish?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Length to Lbs conversion

17" = 3lbs
17.25"= 3.15lbs
17.5"= 3.3lbs
17.75"= 3.45lbs
18"= 3.6lbs
18.25"= 3.75lbs
18.5"= 3.9lbs
18.75"= 4.05lbs
19"= 4.2lbs
19.25= 4.40lbs
19.5"= 4.6lbs
19.75"= 4.8lbs
20"= 5.0lbs
20.25"= 5.15lbs
20.5"= 5.3lbs
20.75"= 5.5lbs
21"= 5.7lbs
21.25"= 5.95lbs
21.5"= 6.2lbs
21.75"= 6.4lbs
22"= 6.6lbs
22.25"= 6.85lbs
22.5"= 7.1lbs
22.75"= 7.35lbs
23"= 7.6lbs
23.25"= 7.85lbs
23.5"= 8.1lbs

Ounces to hundredths
1oz= .06
2oz= .12
3oz= .19
4oz= .25
5oz= .31
6oz= .37
7oz= .44
8oz= .50
9oz= .56
10oz= .62
11oz= .69
12oz= .75
13oz= .81
14oz= .87
15oz= .94

Friday, May 23, 2008

Derby Rules

1. The Bass Pundit Minnesocold Bass Derby 2008 runs from May 24th 2008 to November 15th 2008.
2. The Derby is open to anyone wanting to take the BP on that fishes largemouth and smallmouth bass in the great state of Minnesocold.
3. All Derby contenders must have a moniker or nickname by which they will be known.
4. Contenders are fishing to fill a 5 fish bag of their biggest fish caught over the coarse of the Derby .
5. Contenders "weigh in" by leaving a comment on this blog, with moniker, giving the details of either a fish, or multiple fish's weight or length.
6. The Derby is on the honor system, your word is good. No need for the hassle of pictures. But having pics would be nice to show off.
7. Weights can be taken from official tournament scales or hand held scales.
8 . Lengths should be measured on an accurate ruler with the fish's mouth closed and tail pinched.
9. Length will be converted to weight and Ounces to hundredths of a pound. Conversion table
10. Largemouth and smallmouth bass caught in the state of Minnesocold are eligible for entry into a contenders bag.
11. Fish from Minnesocold border states (ND,SD,IA,WI) and Canada are eligible to be entered into a contenders bag.
12. Fisherpeople from states other than Minnesocold and the border states are welcome and will unofficially be allowed to participate. Their catches will be posted, but they won't count towards being the Derby winner due to the fact that bass just don't get as big in Minnesocold as they do in points South, West, and East.
13. Bass Minimum length of 17 inches. Minimum weight 3lbs.
14 Weight will be figured to the hundredth of a pound.

These are all the rules I can think of for now. More will probably soon follow.

The Process of being a Derby Contender

#1 Select a moniker (example: Cyberfish, Duffman, Hellabass)
#2 Go out and catch big bass then measure or weigh them.
#3 Leave a comment with your moniker letting the BP know about your catch so he can credit you in the Derby.

Optional (encouraged):
If you have one, email a picture of you and your fish or just the fish to


As of Friday 5-23-08 this is the newest blog in the Bass Pundit Blog Franchise Empire. The point of the blog is to have a little friendly competition between friends of the BP who reside or fish in Minnesocold. In 2007 the BP competitions were limited to BP vs. Cyberfish and the Bass Pundit Blog Chronicled BP vs. Duffman. Now in 2008 there is a contest open to all who ply the pristine waters of our beloved state of Minnesocold.