Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mille Lacs is good to BP

I did a short shore trip off of Eddy's Jetti tonight and filled my limit and culled with a couple of fat Mille Lacs footballs. I got them both on a 3/16oz white/chart with chart blades Strike King spinnerbait.

18.75"=4.05 Smallie
17.75"=3.45 Smallie


Total= 17.25lbs

Life and Times in the Great Outdoors

Greg Clusiau scored a 3lb bass, so his blog is on the board.


Friday, May 29, 2009

The Great GOMH Whackfest of 2009

The Great GOMH Whackfest of 2009 Report here...



Total= 12.75lbs

Rich Gets Richer (but not much)

Details of the catch here...

18.50"=3.90lbs Smallie
18.50"=3.90lbs Smallie

Total 21.87lbs

Carl's Bassackwards on the board.

Carl's Bassackwards Fishing Blog has now blogged his Bass Opener and I am going to give him credit for a limit of 3lbers. I am guessing that he probably had more weight if he would have measured all his fish, but without the specifics you get the mark down.


Total: 15.60lbs

BP breaks drought!

Got her off a boat lift with a funky chicken Zoom Super Fluke. For those who are keeping track it took me 9 days of open fishing for bass to catch a single 3lb fish.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Casey's Catch of the Day on the Board

Over Memorial Day weekend Casey of Casey's Catch of the Day blog got a 17.50".


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cyberfish on the board!

I had a couple fish like this last year, this pig for Cyberfish of MT Bucket was just short of 19" so it counts at 18.75" even though it was longer than that.


Hella's Big Bass


This one is slightly bigger than his biggest bass last year, so he is off to a great start.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hellabass Culls Big Time

Bass Opener was good for Hellabass. Apparently he did it with Lake Fork Ring Fry's on a mystery lake.

5.31lbs This takes big bass away from Art Simms.

17.75"=3.45lbs Smallie
18.50"=3.90lbs Smallie

Total 21.42lbs

Pete wants to join us.

Pete is not a blogger but he is grandfathered in from last year. Pete pretty much only fishes for bass when he is with me or his friend Greg. I am not happy that Pete is on the board and I'm not at this point with 4 fishing days under my belt.


Total= 9.90lbs

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sport Squeeks In

Sport's Outdoors Forum is heard from. Sport caught a 3lber on Pool 2.

3.00lbs Smallie

Ikeslayer seeks to defend title

Last years Derby winner Ikeslayer of AJ Rods and Tackle Blog is seeking to defend the title.

He has a
Total= 11.00lbs

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Josh Blog has a fish.

Josh caught a 19" smallie on Pool 2 for the Gopher Bassmasters Tournament. So Josh Blog is on the board.

19"=4.20lbs Smallie

19.25"=4.40lbs Smallie

Monday, May 18, 2009

Art Simms Catches a TOAD!

While pre-fishing Balsaam Lake WI Art Simms of Art Simms Bass Fishing Blog landed a 20.25" largemouth. In the tournament he landed a 17.50" largie.


Hellabass fills limit!

The mighty Mississippi gave up 3 more quality fish to Rich.

17.75"=3.45lbs Smallie
18.50"=3.90lbs Smallie

Total: 18.15lbs

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hellabass with 1st Blood

Details of the catch at Rich's Bassin Blog

Total: 7.50lbs

The Derby Process

#1 Look to see if your blog is on the list. If it isn't let me know and I will include you.
#2 Go out and catch big bass then measure or weigh them.
#3 Leave a comment, email with your moniker or blog name letting the BP know about your catch so he can credit you in the Derby. When you blog about the fish you catch I may end up getting the info that way too.

Optional (encouraged):
If you have one, email a picture of you and your fish or just the fish to

Note: As per Derby Rules for a bass to qualify it must be caught in Minnesota and must be a minimum of 17 inches or 3lbs.

2009 Derby Rules

1. The Bass Pundit Minnesocold Bass Blogger Derby 2009 runs from May 2nd 2009 to November 15th 2009. However, For a bass to count it must come from a body of water where bass are in season.

2. The Derby is open to all bloggers who fish bass anywhere North of the Southern border of the great state of Minnesocold.

Note: Pete and Duffman will be grandfathered in if they want, even though they are not bloggers.

3. Bloggers will be known either by blog name or by moniker.

4. Bloggers are fishing to fill a 5 fish bag of their biggest fish caught over the coarse of the Derby .

5. Bloggers "weigh in" by:
A. Leaving a comment on this blog or Bass Pundit giving the details of either a fish, or multiple fish's weight or length.
B. Sending an email to
C. Refering to a bass' weight or length on their blog (However there is no guarentee I will see the post so options A and B are preferred.

6. The Derby is on the honor system, your word is good. No need for the hassle of pictures. But having pics would be nice to show off.

7. Weights can be taken from official tournament scales or hand held scales.

8 . Lengths should be measured on an accurate ruler with the fish's mouth closed and tail pinched.

9. Length will be converted to weight and Ounces to hundredths of a pound. Conversion table

10. Largemouth and smallmouth bass caught North of Southern state line of Minnesocold are eligible for entry into a bloggers bag.

11. Bloggers from states other than Minnesocold are welcome and will be allowed to participate provided the bass are caught North of the Southern border of MN.

12. Bass Minimum length of 17 inches. Minimum weight 3lbs.

13. Weight will be figured to the hundredth of a pound.

These are all the rules I can think of for now. More rules may be added.