Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Holmer Wins Again With Record Weight

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Jason Holmer 2011 Champion!!!

Now of Bass Utopia Blog

Well it was another huge year for Jason Holmer bringing a massive 32.24Lbs. Shattering the 6lbs average barrier.  This is his 3rd Derby Championship in a row!

He also had Big Bass with a 6.87Lbs Fish, which is also his third in a row.

Congratulations Holmer!

2nd Place Josh Douglas

Josh had is best year yet with 27.30Lbs

Congratulations Josh!

3rd Place Andy Nitchals

This was Andy's first year in the Derby and he jumped out to a fast start with all his fish caught by June 7th.  He predicted he would have a rough time culling up from there and was right.

Congratulations Andy!

Personally it was my best Derby year so far with 23.90lbs, which put me over Cyberfish for the 2nd straight Year.  Overall it was a very good year with a record 4 bags topping 25lbs.

Great Job Everyone!!!