Thursday, May 30, 2013

Derby Rules for 2013

1. The Bass Pundit Minnesocold Bass Blogger Derby 2013 runs from May 25th 2013* to November 15th 2013.

*The Josh Douglas Rule this year fish caught in MN prior to May 25th may be included in your Derby bag provided.
1. It was caught in MN where bass season is Open anytime within the year 2013
2. It is a minimum of 5lbs or 20inches long.
3. We get a picture of you and the fish.

2. The Derby is open to all bloggers and Bass Pundit blog readers who fish bass in Minnesocold.

3. Bloggers will be known either by blog name or by moniker.

4. Bloggers are fishing to fill a 5 fish bag of their biggest fish caught over the coarse of the Derby .

5. Bloggers "weigh in" by:
A. Leaving a comment on this blog or Bass Pundit giving the details of either a fish, or multiple fish's weight or length.
B. Sending an email to
C. Referring to a bass' weight or length on their blog (However there is no guarantee I will see the post so options A and B are preferred.

6. The Derby is on the honor system, your word is good. No need for the hassle of pictures (unless caught prior to May 25th, see Josh Douglas Rule in #1). But having pics would be nice to show off.

7. Weights can be taken from official tournament scales or hand held scales.

8 . Lengths should be measured on an accurate ruler with the fish's mouth closed and tail pinched.

9. Length will be converted to weight and Ounces to hundredths of a pound. Conversion table

10. Largemouth and smallmouth bass caught only in Minnesocold will count this year.

11. Bloggers from states other than Minnesocold are welcome and will be allowed to participate provided the bass are caught in Minnesocold.

12. Bass Minimum length of 17 inches. Minimum weight 3lbs. (See Josh Douglas Rule for exception)

13. Weight will be figured to the hundredth of a pound.

These are all the rules I can think of for now. More rules may be added.

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