Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Derby Rules for 2014:

The Bass Pundit Minnesocold Bass Bloggers Derby is renamed the Bass Pundit Minnesocold Big Bass Bloggers Derby 2014.

1. The Derby runs from January 1, 2014 to Dec 31, 2014.  Fish caught at any time during the year can be entered.

2. The Derby is open to all bloggers and Bass Pundit Blog readers who catch a bass in the state of Minnesota this year.

3. There is NO minimum length or weight other than the fish has to be bigger than one you have already caught.

4. Only 1 fish counts in your bag and the biggest fish at the end of the year wins.

5. There must be a picture of the fish for it to count.  Pictures with the angler in it are preferred.  You don't have to have it next to measuring device.  See rule #7

6. Bloggers "weigh in" by:
     A. Leaving a comment on this blog or Bass Pundit giving the details of either the fish's weight or length and letting me know where there is a picture.
     B. Sending an email to basspundit@hotmail.com
    C. Referring to a bass' weight or length on their blog (However there is no guarantee I will see the post so options A and B are preferred.

7. The Derby is on the honor system, your word is good.

8. Weights can be taken from official tournament scales or hand held scales.

9. Lengths should be measured on an accurate ruler with the fish's mouth closed and tail pinched.

10. Length will be converted to weight and Ounces to hundredths of a pound according to this Conversion table

11.  Largemouth and Smallmouth both count.

12. Bloggers from states other than Minnesocold are welcome and will be allowed to participate provided the bass are caught in Minnesocold.

These are the rules I can think of for now, more may be added later.


Jason Holmer said...

No 5 fish limit this year? Bummer

Troy, Breezy and Sayla Sheide said...

What a great blog and a fun idea. I'd love to play along this year. I love the 5 fish idea and also love the big fish idea. Any chance of doing both? You guys are catchin some giant MN bass. I fish up in the Fergus Falls area.

Basspastor said...

Troy- I'm only doing the big bass for this year. You are welcome to join along.